State Government Silliness! Haridopolos Coloring Book, Campbell with Squirrel

It’s the last day of session for the state legislature in Tallahassee, and apparently, there losing their collective, political minds.

Mike Haridopolos: The Coloring Book?

Democrats in Tallahassee decided to have some fun with the current Senate President, and candidate for U.S Senate.

Mike Haridopolos caught some flak this past March for selling his book Florida Legislative History and Processes to Brevard Community College for $152 thousand dollars. This book had some ground breaking political discoveries like “At a minimum a candidate must know his own position on all the important issues.” and others along the lines as a cellphone is mandatory and an internet connection is important.

The lefties decided to have some mean fun with Haridopolos by circulating a coloring book version of the heavily scrutinized literary work.

Democrats in Tally were distributing this at Haridopolos' expense

There’s obviously two ways you can handle this. You can ignore it or you can deal with it and the way the Senate Prez dealt with it was the right way. This is how I’m going to deal with any negative literature that comes my way in the future.

Well Played, Senator.....

He autographed it.

“See you in DC”…well played.

Now, it’s early and whether we’ll actually see him in DC remains to be seen but “The Hair” can strut, head held high knowing he handled that the right way.

Campbell strikes back:In a bitter inter-party fight, State Rep’s Daphne Campbell and members of her party had a nasty exchange over an abortion bill, last week. Office supplies were thrown in the trash, and threats were made.
Campbell fired back with this:

There was also some Twitter traffic from Rep. Matt Gatez along the lines of “My bill sponsor is Daphne Campbell” is #LegislativeDictionary for “my idea is nuttier than a bag of squires,”. (that’s not a typo)

Today, Gatez tweeted this

Favorite pic of session. If only we had a life size squire too!

Who says all of the action is in D.C?