Who Won CNBC GOP Debate from Michigan 11/9/11?

Who won might be a question up for debate but, after last night’s debate it’s clear Texas Governor Rick Perry didn’t do himself or his donors any favors. The guy lost. He lost bad and he lost painfully. We’ll get back to him. It’s still going to be the Mitt and Herman show for the next couple of weeks. How Cain handles these nasty allegations of sexual harassment will determine his future in this race. Let’s break it down piece by piece.


Newt Gingrich: If Herman Cain falters, this guy won’t let Rick Perry slide into the number 2 slot that easily. Gingrich has that rare ability to make throw the moderator off and it makes for compelling theater. He’s been inching up the polls and I expect that to continue.

Mitt Romney: He wins by doing what he always does…Avoiding conflict and keeping the attackers at the gate. The guy appears to be straight teflon. His opponents throw things at him and nothing sticks.

*Jim Cramer: I wonder if someone decided to make tonight’s debate their first. Will they walk away thinking that moderators like Cramer are the norm? Was he loud? Of course. Was he funny? Yeah, I think so… *Jim Cramer is not running for President although he’s more electable than some of these guys

Didn’t Win or Lose:

Herman Cain: Princess Nancy (you know she’s way too old to be a princess)? Yeah, that was funny and with everything that’s going on, he did well tonight. Still, can you really say “Hey the Pizza CEO with the catchy economic plan and the nasty allegations of sexual harassment did alright”. Tomorrow morning he wakes up and will have two of his accusers trying to put a press conference together.

Ron Paul: You can’t really lose when you sound good and your base doesn’t shrink.


Rick Perry: My man can’t remember his talking points. He is the worst possible thing that can happen to a podium. Last week, we thought this guy was drunk during a speech in New Hampshire and now this. I swear Bobcat Goldthwait can debate better than this guy.

The rest of the field: They didn’t do what they had to. Huntsman sounded like a Democrat. Santorum needed big plays and didn’t get them. Bachmann hasn’t modified her message. She’s still saying the same exact things in the same exact order, since she jumped in the campaign.

They didn’t get it done.

Maria Bartiromo: She got booed, she got frustrated, she pushed around by the candidates. While Cramer was an unorthodox and entertaining addition to the broadcast, Bartiromo just looked angry and overwhelmed.

The CNBC Moderator was frustrated, overwhelmed, and booed last night..

The debate started slowly but with Cain taking a shot at Nancy Pelosi, Gingrich owning the moderators and the latest Rick Perry meltdown…It was a pretty wild night in Michigan.