March Madness Challenge: President Obama’s Bracket vs. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer's Bracket vs. Frank Torres’ Bracket 2012

Last year, I challenged the President’s NCAA College Basketball Tournament bracket, and posted mine, side by side with his. You know, to show the Commander-in-Chief how it’s done.

I’m doing it again this year and here are the brackets.

First, President Barack Obama’s bracket.

Here is the President's Bracket

And here is mine…

And here is the right bracket with my picks!

>March Madness is one of the most exciting sporting events of the year and it’s fun being able to compete with the President. We’ll see how it shakesdown.

UPDATE: You guys know Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer loves his basketball. So, he’s crashing my post and offering his bracket.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer's NCAA Bracket

President Obama’s Final Four: Kentucky, Ohio St, Mizzou, North Carolina. Champ: North Carolina

Mayor Buddy Dyer’s Final Four: Kentucky, Ohio St, Florida (alma mater so it’s not really pandering), and North Carolina. Champ: Kentucky

Frank Torres’ Final Four: Kentucky, Syracuse, Michigan St. North Carolina. Champ: Syracuse.

We’ll see how it goes but, I’m probably going to do the best.