Equality Florida condems bill allowing adoption agencies to turn away gay parents for moral reasons


Equality Florida sent out a statement this afternoon slamming a bill that passed a vote by the House Judiciary Committee, that would allow adoption agencies to turn back LGBT parents, citing religious or moral objections.

“This is Indiana-style legalized discrimination plain and simple,” said Carlos Guillermo Smith, Public Policy Specialist for Equality Florida “But it’s even worse, because this promotes state-sanctioned and taxpayer-funded discrimination. The legislators who voted for this bill know it’s as indefensible as it is unnecessary. That’s why they blocked an amendment that would have required businesses to state publicly, ‘we don’t serve your kind.’ ”

The exact language of HB 7111 being sponsored by State Rep. Jason Brodeur (R-Sanford) says it “Prohibits specified actions from being taken against private child-placing agency that refuses to place child or be involved in placement of child which would violate agency’s written religious or moral convictions or policies; provides that such refusal does not provide basis for claim for injunctive relief or punitive damages.”

Equality Florida posted this video of Brodeur presenting the legislation in committee


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