Bill establishing Memory Disorder Clinic in Central Florida passes State House unanimously


Legislation that would establish a memory disorder clinic here in Central Florida passed the state house unanimously on Thursday afternoon, as house members rallied around one of their own who’s personally been affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

HB 883 which is being sponsored by Orlando State Representative Mike Miller was written with his colleague, Scott Plakon, in mind. Plakon’s wife, Susie, is currently fighting the disease and was watching from her home in Seminole County.

“His wife Susie, 33 years of marriage, and six beautiful kids has prayed for many of us in this chamber for most of the time Scott has been up here and she’s praying right now.” said Miller “When I first took on this bill I thought about the 500,000 plus people in Florida dealing with memory disorders. Its a disease that we not only need to end in Florida but end in the world.”

About 720,000 people in Florida are expected to suffer from Alzheimer’s by 2025. The bill does not require any appropriations from the state and will secure funding through grants and other sources.

“The colors of purple are red and blue coming together. I’m going to ask that Republicans and Democrats come together and vote unanimously “yes” on this debate.” said Plakon quoting a colleague referencing the color used to bring awareness of Alzheimers.

The vote was 115-0. All of the members of the House stood to applaud Plakon as several of his colleagues including fellow Seminole County Representative Bob Cortes came over to embrace him.

Companion legislation currently moving through the State Senate is being sponsored by another Seminole County State lawmaker, Senator David Simmons, and has yet to see any voters casted in opposition.

Susie and Scott Plakon


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  1. Ashley ansara on

    It is great to have Representatives Scott Plakon and Mike Miller assist mental disorders patients.