Marco Rubio lauds HHS funding to fight Heroin addiction in Florida


Florida Senator Marco Rubio is applauding an announcement from Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price that the Trump administration will be allocating $485 million to states to fight the opioid addiction crisis, including $27 million for Florida to combat the rise in Heroin overdoses.

“In just the last week I’ve met and talked with local officials and members of law enforcement in West Palm Beach, Pensacola, and Jacksonville about how the opioid epidemic is ravaging Florida’s communities.” said Rubio “It’s clear that we must do more to make sure people seeking help are able to get the treatment they need. I’m glad Secretary Price is taking this problem seriously, and that Florida will have these additional resources to combat the dangerous drugs that are destroying so many lives.”

Last year, Rubio also met with Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs here in Orlando to discuss the fight against Heroin use in the area. Here in Central Florida, the Heroin Task Force has put in place a plan that would increase education on the dangers of opiod use, provide more treatment to those that need it and to supply law enforcement with Naloxone a, a drug with a proven track record of preventing death in opioid cases.

Rubio with Mayor Teresa Jacobs at a press conference regarding the fight against Heroin use


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