Orange and Seminole County Dems join chorus condemning Frank Artiles “N word” remarks


The Executive Committees of the Democratic party in Orange and Seminole counties are joining into the chorus of those condemning the remarks of Miami Republican State Senator Frank Artiles. Artiles is currently on the defensive after using a series of racial slurs and profanities while addressing two African American colleagues.

OCDEC Chair Wes Hodge and Seminole County Democrats Chair Jeff Wilkinson co-signed the following letter.

“The Seminole County Democratic Executive Committee in conjunction with the Orange County Democratic Executive Committee denounce Senator Frank Artiles’ recent comments in the strongest possible terms. Following these appallingly bigoted comments. We call upon State Senator David Simmons to immediately condemn his colleague’s remarks. They do not represent Central Florida’s values, and cannot be allowed to go unaddressed. Senator Simmon’s silence on this controversy is deafening, and we deserve better.”

On Tuesday night, Artiles reportedly told State Senators Audrey Gibson and Perry Thurston that Senate President Joe Negron was selected for his leadership post because of “six N*****”. Artiles also used the terms B**** and referred to Negron as a P****.

The two groups from Central Florida are joining Democratic groups from all over the state in condemning Artiles’ remarks. The Orange County Young Democrats also slammed Artiles’ remarks in their own announcement.

Artiles has apologized for the remarks It’s unclear what action will be taken against him by the Senate as they began their investigation. Possibilities include removal from office, censure, or a lesser disciplinary action.

Frank Artiles


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