Frank Artiles resigns from State Senate after “N word” controversy


Miami Republican State Senator Frank Artiles has announced he’s resigning from the Florida State Senator after using a series of racial slurs and profanities in a conversation with two African American colleagues earlier this week.

In a statement Artiles writes

“I clearly made comments that were hurtful, unacceptable and inappropriate. The American people and Floridians want their leaders to be accountable and responsible and by resigning my elected office, I believe I am demonstrating those qualities they desire and deserve.”

On Tuesday night, Artiles reportedly said that Senate President Joe Negron was elected to his leadership post because of “six “N*****” calling him a “P****” and using the word “B****” in a conversation with Senators Audrey Gibson and Perry Thurston.

There were calls for Artiles to resign almost immediately from Democratic groups all over the state and his comments were condoned by most Republican leaders as well. His apology on the Senate Floor on Thursday was widely rejected and Senate Leadership was investigating what actions could be taken against Artiles from his remarks. It’s widely believed that Artiles would not have survived any expulsion action taken by his colleagues.

Frank Artiles


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