Ron DeSantis says Trump foreign policy could “very well produce positive results”


Congressman Ron DeSantis is bullish on President Donald Trump’s foreign policy decisions as he closes in on his first 100 days, saying that the actions taken to fight terrorism around the world could “very well produce positive results”.

In a message to constituents, DeSantis lists White House stances against ISIS, Iran and North Korea as some reasons for his optimism. Specifically the “Mother of all Bombs” strike that was taken against ISIS that killed dozens of their fighters and taking steps to coalition build against the terrorist group. Recognizing the faults in the Iran Nuclear Deal, that the Congressman from says “kicks the can down the road” as he says Iranian officials continue to duck the specifics in the deal.

He also applauds the actions of the Trump administration against Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un and his regime as they step up their aggression by working with China in the tumultuous region.

“the Trump administration is acknowledging that a regime headed by a plump, immature and irrational kid cannot be permitted to develop nuclear missiles.” says the Congressman from Florida’s 6th District.

The White House’s decisions regarding foreign policy has managed to garner some bipartisan approval as well, with the majority of Congress approving of this military strike in Syria in retalition for a chemical weapons attack against their own people, although Democrats would like Congressional approval before any further action is taken.

“It is a dangerous world and there are a lot of trouble spots that can flare up at a moment’s notice.” says DeSantis ” As the Trump foreign policy comes into sharper focus, it seems like we will be in a better position to deal with both emerging threats and persistent problems.”

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