AFP Florida calls on Bill Nelson to embrace efforts for Tax Reform


Americans for Prosperity Florida is calling on Bill Nelson to embrace Congressional efforts for tax reform, with a new digital ad buy that revolves around their five principles for reform.

“Floridians deserve a tax system that treats everyone fairly and helps grow the economy.” said AFP Florida State Director Chris Hudson “The last thing Americans want is a system that continues to raise taxes. Senator Nelson has spoken out in favor of tax reform, but he has also advocated for raising taxes. Now is the time for him to use his leadership position on the Senate Finance Committee to un-rig the system for Florida taxpayers.”

AFP wants reform that involves simplicity with less brackets and lower rates, efficiency that collects revenue without disruption, equitability that cuts off corporate welfare, predictability that results in a pro growth system, and no extra burden to the tax payers.

Democrats in Congress have said that White House policies are unfair to middle class Americans. Nelson is likely to be one of the tougher votes in the Senate to win over. Florida’s other Senator Marco Rubio is likely to support any pushes for reform.


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