Marco Rubio says tougher Donald Trump policies expands Cuban people’s freedom and rights


Florida Senator Marco Rubio is voicing his support ahead of President Donald Trump’s speech in Miami on Friday, where he is expected to tighten up Obama era policies regarding Cuban travel and trade. Rubio will be standing with the President when he makes his remarks.

In a message to supporters the Senator says former President Obama’s policies “centers on the belief that the oppressed Cuban people-rather than the oppressive Castro regime’s military and its subsidiaries-should benefit from American engagement with the island.”

Last year, longtime Dictator, Fidel Castro died leaving his brother, Raul, in power. President Obama also visited the island and opened up travel for the first time in decades. While many Florida residents of Cuban descent celebrated the possibility of less oppression on the island, not much has changed.

Rubio has been a consistent opponent of policies that open up travel and trade to countries with a poor record of human rights, including the island his parents once called home.

The Senator closes optimistic of what Trump’s plans are moving forward.

“Finally, America’s relationship with Cuba will depend entirely on the Cuban government’s willingness to expand the Cuban people’s political freedom, respect their universal rights, and allow freedom of press as well as free and fair democratic elections.” he closes.

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