Video: Marco Rubio sprints through Sunday talk shows praising Donald Trump Cuba policy


Florida Senator Marco Rubio appeared on multiple government affairs programs on Sunday morning, praising President Donald Trump’s rollback of certain Obama era policies regarding Cuba. Last week in Miami, Rubio appeared with the President during his remarks.

Rubio appeared on Meet the Press, Face the Nation, State of the Union among others to discuss the speech, where he applauded tougher policies with countries with poor human right’s records such as Cuba.

“It’s in our national security interests to have human rights and democracy in our region, because the absence of those two things leads to migratory pressure and instability” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Trump’s policy prevents the U.S from doing business directly with the Cuban government or military police and tightens up certain policies for those traveling back on forth between the states and the island.

Other issues discussed during Rubio’s interviews included the investigation regarding Russian interference in last year’s elections and possible obstruction from President Trump. Rubio said the investigation was the best thing for the country and didn’t see it as a witch hunt as the President mentioned on social media last week.

“We have to know what the Russians did so we can prevent it in the future.” said Rubio.

On Fox News, Rubio was asked about his relationship with the President which appeared tense at times after last year’s bruising Republican Presidential primary where the two participated in a war of words through the media.

“When the fight is over, it’s over. When the race is over, it’s over. Boxers don’t keep punching each other when they see each other in the dressing room or at restaurants the next day. President Trump’s success is America’s success” said Rubio.

You can watch four of Rubio’s interviews below…

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