Video: Bill Nelson says Health Care fix won’t come by “Running around in the dead of the night”


Florida Senator Bill Nelson was on the floor of the Senate today, to push for a bipartisan solution for the upcoming vote on the American Health Care Act, the White House replacement for the Affordable Health Care Act or “Obamacare”.

“So how are we going to fix the health care system? You’re not going to do it by running around in the dead of night, secretly putting together a plan that’s only going to be a partisan plan.” said Nelson.

The AHCA passed the House mostly along partisan lines with some Republicans voting against the bill because of some of it’s changes to medicare. Now the measure faces a tough test in the Senate, where it also appears from members of the GOP could vote against it, blocking it from President Donald Trump’s desk.

Nelson’s colleague Florida Senator Marco Rubio is expected to vote in favor of the legislation. Nelson has been a vocal opponent of the bill before a vote was ever taken and many other Florida Democrats have been critical over the way it was put together behind closed doors before a budget report was released.

A vote is expected sometime before July 4th. Nelson is holding out for a bipartisan compromise.

“If you’re going to fix the health care system, you’re going to have to do it together in a bipartisan way, building consensus. And that’s what I urge the Senate to do, instead of what we are seeing happen behind closed doors” said Nelson.

You can view his video below..

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