Sen. Nelson: Fixing Obamacare Requires a Bipartisan Solution


Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) urged a bipartisan solution to fixing the Affordable Care Act in a Facebook message posted Monday evening. Nelson’s message, accompanied by a short video, cited the Congressional Budget Office’s estimation that 22 million people would lose health insurance coverage under the Senate’s current version of the bill and urged Democrats and Republicans to work together on a bipartisan bill to address the ACA’s problems.

Nelson’s message:

The Republicans’ health care bill is a disaster. According to the Congressional Budget Office, 22 million people would lose health insurance coverage if the Senate bill is passed. The bottom line is this: if we want to fix the ACA, we can fix it – but you can’t do it one party against the other. You’ve got to have the will to come together in a bipartisan agreement to fix it.

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