Mixed results in Democrat fundraising: Eskamani up, Jerry Demings down

Jerry Demmings

Sheriff Jerry Demings raised $8320 In the first month, to become Mayor of Orange County

The month of July saw mixed fundraising results on the Democrat side of the aisle. Although the official report is not yet filed with the Florida Division of Elections, the Orlando Political Observer reported that Anna Eskamani announced fundraising more than $50,000 from 300 donors in her bid to replace Mike Miller who has decided to run for US Congress.


First time candidate Anna Eskamani outraised the Sheriff by $42000


By contrast, Orange County Mayor candidate Jerry Demings raised only $8,320 in 12 monetary contributions, a surprisingly low number for someone who has served as police chief and is married to congresswoman Val Demings. Of those dozen contributions, there are five separate $1,000 checks stemming from the same Winter Park address, using five separate corporations all related to Eric Holm and the operating group of the Golden Corral. If you consolidate this and other duplicate addresses, Demings only received funds from 7 different sources.

This is only the first month, but it seems the Democrats are certainly prioritizing the State House District 47 over the Orange County Mayor in this early phase.


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