Kissimmee officials have voted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries


Kissimmee has approved a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. City leaders voted on the ban because they claim a new state law doesn’t give them enough room to regulate the industry.

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed legislation in June that implemented the medical marijuana amendment voters approved last year. Amendment 2 was approved by 71 percent of the overall voters last November. The amendment took effect on January 3rd and required that laws had to be in place by July 3rd for how patients can qualify and receive treatment.

Kissimmee commissioners voted 4 to 1 to ban the dispensaries from opening in town. They don’t believe there is room to regulate effectively the way the law is currently written.

Although Kissimmee residents can’t obtain new medical marijuana cards or treatment within city limits, they can have it delivered to their doorstep through the internet, or travel to nearby Orlando.

Though the city is not opposed to the idea of dispensaries, they want to be able to regulate where and in what quantity they are allowed.


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  1. It was actually 40% of eligible voters that voted for marijuana to be used as a medicine. Many of whom thought because the amendment was labeled ‘medical’ marijuana that it was FDA approved to be safe and effective for the list of diseases included on the amendment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Allowing these dispensaries is adding fuel to the ongoing opioid epidemic. It will also resurrect those scrupulous pill mill doctors with a new legal title “pot doctor.” Nothing good can come from labeling a drug a medicine without legitimate medical research and trials. Thank you Kissimmee City Council for protecting our children, families, communities and highways from the tragedy that has afflicted other states that have listened to Big Marijuana and put profit before their people..

    • That’s incorrect. 71% of voters, put it into the state constitution as medicine. Our own governemnt holds a patent for cannabinoids inhibiting cancer growth.. i advise you to edcuate yourself on this issue before spouting off.

      You wanna talk opiates? How come opiate usage has decreased in states that have legalized cannabis? Why is Ohio’s opiate death rate so much higher than Michigans? Cannabis is a healthy alternative for pain relief that should be chosen before opiates. Please stop contributing to the problem by talking out of your ass.

    • Robert Murphy on

      It was 71% actually who voted in favor of medical marijuana. Are you a doctor? Do you know that cannabis and opoids are two completely different substances? One is highly addictive, dangerous, deadly, and is FDA approved fueling the opoid epidemic. While the other is none of those. The only thing dangerous about cannabis is law enforcement.
      By being bias towards cannabis especially with no real knowledge of the subject matter. Only further fuels the opoid epidemic through ignorance.
      Times have already changed get with the program. Cannabis is medicine.

    • Robert Murphy on

      On a side note there have been plenty of medical research done with cannabis. All you have to do is Google cannabis medical research. Please stop making people stupid.

    • I have stage 4 breast cancer. I have had it since 2009. I have it active, though slow, in my spine and hips. I recently chatted with several other stage 4 cancer folks who spent the last year or so taking the RIck Simpson cbd/thc blends that release a rice grain of oil amount under your tongue. All of them are in remission now. Meaning No active disease… so having official studies doesn’t not benefit Big Pharma when just one of my cancer prescriptions would cost me $10,000 a month if I was not insured. That is right — $500 a pill– and that is ridiculous. I am not in remission either. I want the medication and I will pay cash for it myself since it is not covered by insurance. Go into the cancer communities using medical marijuana and do your own study. It slows cancer growth and has helped maintain cancer in remission. I don’t need any Government study to tell me it works. I will take the word of people I can see as a true witness. I also know that Moffett Cancer Ctr in Tampa, FL is currently doing a clinical trial, so soon we will have an Official study it works.

    • The writer is uninformed. At no time was FDA approved medicine mentioned and over 70% voted for cannabis. Cannabis does NOT lead to opiate use, so stop with the scare tactics. I would before than willing to debate the writer in a public forum. Stop with these lies and mistruths. Cannabis is safe.

  2. Adding these will add fuel to the opioid epidemic?

    You might want to do some actull research.

  3. Kissimmee officials and City Attorney needs to go back and read SB 8 and the 3 amendments that are attached to the bill. They actually regulate the amount of dispensaries that are too open for each region and county, and they calculate that by the population. My heart goes to the patients, adults and children, with debilitating diseases that their town restricted access to alternative medicine that is there Constitutional right in the state of Florida. Ignorant citizens need to fully read the actual material that it’s relayed to medical marijuana treatment centers and learn something.