Exclusive: Who Is Behind Fake News Facebook Page Criticizing Republican Candidates For Governor


A new Facebook page has popped up throwing criticism in the direction of some current and former Republican members of Congress. The page calls itself “Conservative Watch News” and has been attacking the likes of Adam Putnam, Speaker of the House of Representatives Richard Corcoran, and Representative Ron Desantis.

The page says the company hails from Daytona Beach, Florida and is, “Your source for the latest news and commentary on politics and businesses by conservative leaders and writers.”  The company seems to be backed by conservative critics attacking other Republicans.

They mostly posts attack ads on Putnam, Corcoran and Desantis. Some posts are from other websites about supposed news. One of the posts from the page was written on June 14th and shares a post from The Onion on Trump. The Onion is a fake news satirical site that people mostly view for laughs to escape from the real world.

The page shared a post from the popular site that proclaimed, “Trump asks entire Senate to clear out of chamber so he can speak to Comey alone.” Obviously, this never occurred and was written for laughs, not to be shared on a “news” page.

They have fewer than 60 likes and appear to be promoting attacks ads against those running for governor or those possibly eyeing an opportunity to do so. We have reached out to the page for comment, and have not heard back. The Page is https://www.facebook.com/conservativewatch/

One candidate not being attacked is Senator Jack Latvala. We have reached out to the Senator, his office has not responded.

Update….  The LatVala campaign reached out to OPO on Twitter, State Rep. Chris LatVala said the following

Its not us


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