Jeff Clemens Resigns Amid Allegations of Affair With Lobbyist, Rick Scott Signs Executive Order Setting Special Election for his Replacement


State Sen. Jeff Clemens, likely Democratic leader in the Florida Senate next year, abruptly resigned recently after Politico reported he had an extramarital affair with a lobbyist.

“I have made mistakes I (am) ashamed of, and for the past six months I have been focused on becoming a better person. But it is clear to me that task is impossible to finish while in elected office. The process won’t allow it, and the people of Florida deserve better. All women deserve respect, and by my actions, I feel I have failed that standard. I have to do better,” Clemens said of the allegations.

Governor Rick Scott signed Executive Order 17-288 calling a Special Election for District 31 of the Florida Senate. The Special Election for District 31 is in response to the resignation of Senator Jeff Clemens. A Special Primary Election will be held on January 30, 2018, and a Special Election will be held on April 10, 2018, based on requested dates by the Supervisor of Elections in Palm Beach County.


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