Rep. Olszewski files HB 981 Long-Range Transportation Planning Bill


Rep. Bobby Olszewski has filed a new bill in the Florida House called Long-Range Transportation Planning (HB981).

In a statement, Rep. Olszewski said about the bill, “Central Floridians know how difficult traffic congestion can be on our roads and, as a state, we need to prepare now for the future with autonomous, electric, and hybrid vehicles becoming more prevalent. This bill requires the Florida Transportation Commission to provide solutions to the Governor detailing the long-range plans preserving the existing transportation infrastructure, enhancing Florida’s economic competiveness, and improving travel choices to ensure efficient mobility for our residents and guests.”

Olszewski is a Republican member of the Florida House of Representatives, representing District 44. He was recently elected in a special election on October 10, 2017.

HB 981 can be found below:

An act relating to electric and hybrid vehicles; requiring the Florida Transportation Commission to review all sources of revenue for transportation infrastructure and maintenance projects and prepare a report to the Governor and the Legislature when the commission determines that electric and hybrid vehicles make up a certain percentage or more of the total number of vehicles registered in this state; authorizing the commission, in consultation with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, to use certain commercially available data; requiring the commission, in consultation with the Division of Emergency Management, to make an assessment of transportation infrastructure with respect to emergency evacuations and electric vehicles; specifying requirements for the report; requiring the report to be submitted to the Governor and the Legislature no later than a certain date; authorizing the commission to undertake and complete the review before the specified-percentage threshold is reached, under certain circumstances; amending s. 339.175, F.S.; requiring a long-range transportation plan to consider infrastructure and technological improvements necessary to accommodate the increased use of autonomous technology and electric vehicles; providing an effective date.


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