Robert Prater Enters Race For Orange County School Board Chair


Robert Prater, current dean and part of the leadership team at Oak Hill Elementary, committed to the students and the community, announced his run for Orange County School Board Chair. If elected, he will be the first teacher to sit as board chair since its inception in 2012.

Mr. Prater’s career began as a substitute back in 2005 with OCPS. He continued working for OCPS as paraprofessional until he completed his degree in Education at Nova Southeastern University. Once in the classroom he excelled in teaching and connecting with his students and their families and took pride watching them develop their academic gains. He still gets recognized today by students who have never forgotten his devotion and passion towards their learning.

He has spent many years as a community volunteer coaching and umpiring little league teams and contributing his time to assist coaching the JV Baseball Team from Colonial High School for two seasons. He has devoted himself not only to his students and their families but also to the community of students and their families throughout the district.

Mr. Prater is also the Partners in Education coordinator where he works with community leaders to finds ways to help the students at Oak Hill Elementary. This past year he was proud having worked with Dr. Baptiste, an active community leader, who generously donated 100 bicycles for the students at the school. “The relationship between our community leaders and our schools are critical to our school’s success. The support and growth go hand in hand.”

In a press release announcing his candidacy, Mr. Prater stated, “I am running for school board chair because I have served on the Faculty Advisory Committee and School Advisory Committee chairs. I have worked with our PTA on many projects throughout my tenure. This past summer I was involved as the FF&E Coordinator with the opening of a new Orange County Public Elementary School. I have also been involved teaching parents as well as, Orange County citizens who are second language learners the basic foundational skills of learning English.”

I believe I can continue to contribute, not only in students’ lives, but parents, teachers, and administrators,” Prater said.

Prater believes that retaining highly qualified teachers, school administrators and support staff as well as reaching out to the community with transparency and involvement efforts, would impact our current School Board and provide real insight to today’s educational issues.



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