A Week of Ethics and Transparency: Here are the 16 Bills the House Passed This Week


The Florida House of Representatives passed 16 bills this week on a range of topics. The most common themes were ethics and transparency. The house passed at total of six bills  (5, 7, 11, 17, 7003 and 7005) aimed at ethics and transparency by removing the ability of retiring lawmakers to become lobbyists, reforming Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs), requiring those lobbying local governments to register, requiring local governments to disclose certain information such as votes and awarded contracts.

If these bills pass the Senate and reach the Governor’s desk, lawmakers and elected officials in Tallahassee, as well as the various county commissions and city halls throughout the state could be feeling the effects of these changes for years to come.

Here are each of the bills passed:

HB 5 – Prohibits lawmakers from becoming lobbyists for six years after retirement. Sponsored by Representative Metz and passed 96-5.

HB 7 – Increases fiscal transparency requirements for local governments. Sponsored by Representative Burton and passed 91-12.

HB 9 – Sanctuary cities bill, sponsored by Representative Metz, and passed 71-35.

HB 11 – Provides a number of government accountability revisions to the commissioner of education, water management districts, Clerks of Courts, and a variety of government agencies. Passed by a vote of 101-1.

HB 13 – Increases regulation on sports franchises constructing or renovating stadiums or facilities, and changes the requirements for the deals that can be reached with local governments. Passed 75-27.

HB 15 – Deregulated a number of professions, including hair and beauty specialists, design firms and architects, and others. Passed 74-28.

HB 17 – Provided changes to Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRA), including reporting requirements and a phasing out period. Passed 72-32.

HB 19 – Created a Responsible Roadways Act and repealed Florida’s no-fault law. Passed 88-15.

HB 23 – Redefines a mobile surgery center to allow patients to stay overnight and requires the development of standards for care of children treated.  Passed 79-23.

HB 35 – Requires the development of surveys to asses the culture of patient safety in certain facilities. Passed 100-2.

HB 41 – Provides funding for Crisis Pregnancy Centers, defines the services on which this funding may be spent, and prohibits material from being distributed in a coercive manner. Passed 73-29.

HB 6001 – Repeals red light cameras. Passed 83-18.

HB 7003 – Provided local government ethics reform. Lobbyist must now register before lobbying local governments. Passed 100-2.

HB 7005 – Created a lobbyist registration system trust fund, related to the ethics reform bill. Passed 103-0.

HB 7009 – Made changes to the worker’s compensation system. Passed 74-30.

HB 7015 – Affects property insurance assignment agreements and regulates insurance policies assigning benefits. Passed 82-20.


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