Orlando Political Observer website traffic doubles in year since Doug Kaplan’s purchase of it


The Orlando Political Observer, a well-known media publication that covers local news and national politics, has seen an increase in traffic to its website of late. The traffic has more than doubled in fact since Doug Kaplan purchased the publication about a year ago.

Kaplan is a local from Celebration Florida, and pollster and president of Gravis Marketing. He has successfully expanded the base of the publication, covering more content and important issues for residents of Florida.

OPO Thanks It’s Readers For A Wonderful Year

Kaplan has described the OPO as a digital media company, The OPO being one of the digital channels the company offers.  The traffic doubling is even more amazing since it happened on an off year in politics. Social media traffic has increased by ten times its previous traffic rate since the change of hands. In some months, there are over one million hits to the Facebook and Twitter channels.

The Taylor Show has had an amazing response from the community. She has quickly become one of the most recognized faces in the Central Florida area. She has received millions of organic hits. Kaplan predicts 2018 will be even more amazing for the publication and all of its outlets.

The OPO website had its most traffic on Tuesday January 9th, 2018 since the website started in 2012   To advertise on OPO or employment inquiries, contact  Doug Kaplan doug@orlando-politics.com, phone 407-242-1870.


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