More Mayors Endorse Gwen Graham

More Mayors Endorse Gwen Graham
Matt Surrency, Cindy Lerner, and Shirley Freeman say Gwen will listen to local governments
Mayors from North Florida to South Florida — Hawthorne Mayor and past president of the Florida League of Cities Matt Surrency, former Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner, and former Monroe County Mayor Shirley Freeman — are today joining others from across the state in support of gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham.

“The current legislative assault on home rule is simply outrageous,” said Graham. “As Governor, I will not tolerate this Tallahassee-knows-best attitude. The State of Florida should partner with towns, cities, counties, and other local governments — not penalize them.”

“As governor, Gwen Graham will respect cities and counties and work with them to do what is best for their local communities,” Surrency said. “She has fought alongside local governments to protect our clean water from fracking, supports returning management of our classrooms and schools to teachers and parents, and will defend home rule. As governor, Gwen will end the attacks on local government from the Legislature and listen to the people.”

“Gwen Graham believes in the science and common sense evidence that shows climate change is already impacting Florida. As governor, she will assure planning and investments that will demonstrate her commitment to supporting clean energy and stand up to Donald Trump’s dangerous policies that threaten our coastal communities and the entire state’s economy,” Lerner said. “Gwen is committed to sustainability and will usher in a green economy that works for every Floridian.”

“In the Florida Keys, we know how vitally important it is to stop climate change and the threat of oil drilling off our beaches,” Freeman said. “Gwen has a proven record of always fighting offshore drilling and an unwavering dedication to protecting Florida’s environment,” Freeman said. “I’m supporting Gwen Graham for governor because I know she will always put  our clean air, land, and water first.”

“Local leaders understand their communities best. I am proud to have the support of Mayor Surrency, Mayor Lerner, and Mayor Freeman, and, as governor, I will always listen to and work closely with our cities and counties when making decisions in Tallahassee,” Graham said.


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  1. 2/12/2018…………at this point I refuse to support any of the 4 democrats…I need to find in my personal budget $7816.38.

    I challenge Gwen Graham to call me (24/7) 386 788 3885 Port Orange Home

    386 314 3646 cell

    517 423 3028 Summer home in Tecumseh Michigan

    See if Gwen Graham can win my vote ….if NOT I will spend MY $7816.38 to stop Levine and Graham and Gillum and King…..

    I don’t like wasting money…but if Gwen is going to depend on her dad’s history to win…she is needing a new direction. I am seeing that the women leaders of the Volusia Democratic Party are nasty …and if it does not stop quickly I will work even harder to stop ALL democrats….