3 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Approved by Osceola County


After months of waiting, a company known as “The Green Solution” was awarded certificates for three Medical Marijuana dispensaries in Osceola County Monday night.

In a separate action, County Commissioners enacted a ban on any new facilities throughout unincorporated Osceola County.

“This is an equitable solution to this matter and gives us, as the local jurisdiction, the power to prevent an out-of-control proliferation of these facilities,” said Commission Chairman Fred Hawkins, Jr. “When voters approved Amendment 2, I don’t think they wanted dispensaries on every street corner in the community. This agreement and our ban cements this intent while allowing those who need this service the ability to access it.”

Commissioners approved a settlement with The Green Solution that grants them the certificates. In return, the company agreed to take no legal action against the county. The Green Solution asserted it had a “vested right in the issue” because it was poised to receive the certificates prior to the County’s moratorium.

Previously, the Commissioners enacted a temporary moratorium to consider changes in state law. The changes to state law essentially preempted the County ordinance and certification process and limited the County’s powers to banning dispensaries or allowing an unlimited number in the county.


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