Anna V. Eskamani Campaign Announces Fundraising Proceeds


Today the Florida Division of Elections website posted the fundraising totals for Anna Eskamani’s campaign account. This past March she raised nearly $20,000 in cash from more than 140 individual gifts, bringing her grand total of cash raised to $203,664.

This total does not include the $14,425 she raised through in-kind donations, or the $26,750 she raised through her political committee People Power for Florida.

Anna had the following statement to share in response to her fundraising success:

“I have always said that I am the sum of those around me, and this campaign is no different. We have built a community of support that is fueled by every day Floridians from all walks of life. Teachers, retirees, students, veterans, physicians, nurses, executives, and business owners — to just name a few. All who give what they can, because they want a bold new vision for Tallahassee and a proven community leader who gets things done. I am honored to receive both their trust and investment.”

Anna is running for Florida House District 47.  She previously served as the Mistress of Ceremonies for Orlando’s March For Our Lives, and recently released her business platform called 47 Means Business. She plans to roll out additional platforms later this month.


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