Governor Scott Letter to Vice President Pence on the Summit of the Americas


Today, Governor Rick Scott sent the following letter to Vice President Mike Pence ahead of his trip to Peru to attend the Summit of the Americas. See the full letter HERE or below.

Previously, Governor Scott wrote a letter to Secretary General Luis Almagro of the Organization of American States regarding the upcoming Summit of the Americas.

Dear Vice President Pence:

            I am pleased to learn that you will be representing the United States of America at the Eighth Summit of the Americas. Knowing of your profound commitment to democracy and human rights, I wanted to bring to your attention several key issues for you to consider during your meetings at the Summit.

            As you well know, for six decades the sovereignty of the Cuban people has been held hostage by a brutal dictatorship that has incarcerated, tortured, and murdered at-will to preserve its reign of oppression and misery over the Cuban people. Last month, we witnessed a fraudulent effort to carry out so-called elections as the dictatorship advances toward a dynastic succession. I urge you to call on the Heads of State at the Summit to not recognize the outcome of this farce and demand elections with international supervision for the people of Cuba. If the region, in one voice, denounced these fraudulent elections, the dictatorship would understand that it has no future.

            Throughout Latin America, the Cuban dictatorship has long attempted to destabilize democracies, it has harbored terrorist groups. Currently, its directing the intelligence and repressive machinery of the Maduro dictatorship in Venezuela. Today’s Venezuelan nightmare is orchestrated and led by the Cuban dictatorship. As you meet with the leaders from Latin America, I ask that you convey to them that the United States condemns the dominant role that Cuba is playing in Venezuela.It should be made clear that until the United States knows that Cuba is on a path to democracy, Venezuela will remain on a path toward totalitarianism.


            Furthermore, while the Venezuelan dictatorship is rightfully denied participation in the Summit of the Americas, the Cuban dictatorship is allowed to participate. This sadly is further confirmation that there is a profound lack of understanding concerning the origins of the Venezuelan crisis. This demonstrates no consideration for Cuba’s role in the crisis in Venezuela. It’s my hope that your presence and leadership at the Summit will set a new course on this matter.

            Cuba’s pro-democracy movement is united in calling on the international community to recognize the Cuban people’s right to decide their future. The apathy of the international community, when it comes to demonstrating solidarity with the Cuban people, has only prolonged and emboldened the dictatorship. I respectfully ask that during your time in Peru you meet with the leaders of Cuba’s pro-democracy movement who will be attending the Summit. The Cuban dictatorship has attempted to intimidate and silence their participation in previous Summits. By you meeting with them, it would be an extraordinary gesture of solidarity and would further confirm that this Administration, stands with the people of Cuba and not with its oppressor.

Thank you for your leadership and thoughtful consideration.


Rick Scott


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