President Obama to Visit Orlando on Saturday

In his first major visit to Orlando since campaign season last year, the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will be visiting the City Beautiful to address a Veterans Convention on Saturday.

The President made Bi-weekly visits to the I4 Corridor en route to his re-election last year, there were speeches at the UCF Arena, Rollins College, and a few of his signature “Drop Ins” that saw him dining at a Puerto Rican eatery on the East Side, and a Pizza parlor on the Space Coast where the signature Bear Hug from the restaurant’s owner took place.

It worked and Florida went “blue” a second time for the President.

This visit won’t be as easy for the President, with D.C under constant scrutiny amidst multiple scandals, a budget showdown, and the audience-specific endless back log from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Right here in Central Florida, we have the stalled VA Hospital at Lake Nona which has overshot it’s anticipated completion day by over a year and has resulted in finger pointing between the VA and Private Contractors, and even more frustration for 1.6 million Vets that call Florida home that don’t have easy access to comprehensive medical care.

More recently, there were the President’s remarks on Trayvon Martin and the George Zimmerman trial, which took place less than 25 miles from where the President will be speaking on Saturday. 2 weeks ago, he compared himself to the 17 year old that lost his life in an altercation to Zimmerman, who was ultimately found not guilty.

I’ll have a full write-up of the President’s remarks as soon as he’s done on Saturday.

This photo from the President's visit to Central Florida last year got national attention

This photo from the President’s visit to Central Florida last year got national attention

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Friday Morning Political Headines: Obama visit to Orlando Coverage

President Barack Obama visited Orlando yesterday to activate his base and kick off his re-election efforts in the biggest political battleground in the country.

He talked about the economy and accused his opponent, Republican nominee Mitt Romney of fairy dust, trickle down economics that would hurt voters in the future. He stopped in at a local restaurant to meet and greet with supporters before taking off to Virgina to try to swing the state in his favor there.

20 miles down I4 in Lake Mary, former President Bill Clinton was the special guest at a big-dollar fundraiser a short time after.

Earlier in the day, Florida Senator and Mitt Romney surrogate Marco Rubio rallied the troops at a rally of his own.

The President’s visit and a must read Orange-Osecola State Attorney article make up your Friday morning political headlines. Have a great weekend!.

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President Obama visited Rollins College and surprised a small local restaurant Thursday

Thursday Morning Political Headlines: President Obama in Orlando Today

*A complete wrap-up of the President’s visit can be found here*

Today, has already been a busy day in the political world and you’ve probably just fired up your computers now.

President Barack Obama will be visiting Rollins College in Winter Park this afternoon. Traffic delays should be expected as the President tries to activate voters here in the I4 corridor as we march towards November. There is no bigger political battleground in the country.

Earlier this morning Florida Senator and Mitt Romney surrogate Marco Rubio spoke to local supporters. This is counter-programming to the President’s message as his eventual opponent remains active in the region. Rubio is still expected to be in the Veepstakes and if selected could swing Florida in Romney’s favor.

POTUS visit gets a clean sweep in your Thursday morning political headlines. Have a great day!

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President Obama will be visiting Rollins today

Marco Rubio spoke to Mitt Romney supporters earlier this morning.

CBS News in Washington: The key to a Florida victory lies somewhere in the middle

It was an exciting opportunity to do some analysis for CBS News in Washington regarding the President’s visit to Orlando tomorrow.

As you might have heard, President Barack Obama will be visiting Rollins college tomorrow to push his campaign message and activate his voters for November. We’ve seen plenty of President Obama this year and that trend will continue all the way till November.


“The reason the I-4 corridor gets so much attention and hype is because it’s like the political ideology has been drawn to design,” Florida political analyst Frank Torres said about the corridor that rests between Republican-heavy northern Florida and the state’s more Democratic areas to the south.

“I like to call it the baseball rotation,” Torres, who lives in and focuses on the I-4 corridor, said of the Obama strategy. “We’re seeing a member from the Obama campaign in the I-4 corridor every week.”

Torres added, “It’s a late October environment in the middle of July. It trumps anything we’ve seen before.”


The President has made the Sunshine State his second home this year

Thursday Morning Political Headlines: Could POTUS visit cause major traffic problems?

Here are your Thursday Morning Political Headlines:

Could President Barack Obama’s visit to Rollins College on Friday afternoon cause traffic problems in Orlando?

Fairbanks’s 2 lanes between Lakemont and 1792? You better believe it. And that motorcade is going to roll onto I4 at the peak time of your commute home. We’ve got some good stories on that.

Still, thousands will fill the venue at Rollins tomorrow to hear President Obama push his campaign message and his plan for the economy, education, and energy. The political strategy behind this appearance is sound. The heart of the I4 corridor must have a strong turnout in November if the President wants to win Florida.

A lot of great video content for you today. Including WAWA’s opening bringing lawmakers to Orlando.

Have a great day!

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President Obama’s visit to Winter Park during Friday rush hour could cause problems with the commute home