Today's date is November 26, 2022

Stephanie Murphy introduces balanced budget amendment


On Thursday, Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy introduced a balanced budget amendment in the House of Representatives. The amendment which is already in place here in Florida, would prohibit the government from spending more than it takes in on a given year.

Earlier this year, Murphy also introduced a measure that would not allow members of Congress to receive pay if a budget wasn’t passed.

“Our national debt is skyrocketing, and we are irresponsibly passing this burden on to our children and grandchildren—shackling them with unsustainable debt,” said Murphy. “Just as every family and small business is expected to balance their budget, so should the federal government. The only way to force Congress’ hand is to amend the U.S. Constitution to require Congress to pass a balanced budget each and every year. My balanced budget amendment will compel Congress to walk the walk, not just talk the talk, when it comes to being a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars.”

While the concept is popular among Conservatives, it faces tough odds in a Congress facing many other challenges at the moment including a Health Care fight and concerns over National Security. It’s also unlikely given the Republican majority in Washington, that house leadership would allow the bill from the Winter Park Freshman Democrat to proceed very far.

Murphy acknowledges the partisanship in her statement.

“Congress has been, and continues to be, so dysfunctional because of partisanship and special interests that it is failing the American people,” continued Murphy. “I helped introduce No Budget, No Pay to force Congress to pass a budget on time or lose their paychecks. My balanced budget amendment is another means of requiring Congress to work together and to do the jobs they were elected to do.”

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  1. Charles Winfree on

    I voted for her because she is anti-establishment. She sees the need for reform in government.

  2. This is really a feel good measure and won’t in fact solve anything. It doesn’t lessen spending, nor does it restrict the continuing expenditures on items not within the federal powers and in violation of the Tenth Amendment. This does nothing to lower taxes or reign in government.

  3. This is the most idiotic move by a congressional member, it is obvious that she is evonomically illiterate. The national debt is a savings account and sets the daily interest rates. Which one should we get rid of first, the national debt or treasury securities? They’re the same thing dumb ass.
    As a sovereign issuer of fiat free floating nonconvertiblle (gold) currency, a congressional member should know that a balanced budget for a net importing nation is economic suicide (sectorsl bakances Godley).
    No wonder this nation is in trouble, our federsl government is run by the economic illiterate.

  4. I did not vote for Murphy in 2016, I did not like her TV ads at all, but she’s got my FL07 vote next time. Also, Thank You for Voting for Kate’s Law, you are a straight up Congresswoman. God Bless.

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