Today's date is November 26, 2022

Pro-Life Advocates Celebrate: Lawmakers Pass Funding for Florida Pregnancy Support Network

  • The bill would make permanent funding for non-profit groups offering information on adoption and alternatives to abortion
  • Representative Mike Miller calls the sanctity of life the “most important thing of all”
  • Representative Bobby Olszewski calls on Governor Scott to sign
  • The bill was opposed by the League of Women Voters and Planned Parenthood

In a win for pro-life advocates, Governor Scott will have the opportunity to sign the “Pregnancy Support Services” legislation which requires the Florida Department of Health to contract with the Florida Pregnancy Care Network. The FPCN is a statewide network of non-profit organizations which aim to support pregnant women by providing pregnancy tests, referrals to state and other medical resources, and information on adoption and alternatives to abortion.

The passage of the bill was praised by Central Florida lawmakers. Representative Mike Miller said he was “Proud to vote for a bill supporting the most important thing of all—the sanctity of life.”

Representative Robert “Bobby O” Olszewski sent the OPO a statement in which he called on Governor Scott to sign the bill.

“As a father of a young daughter there is nothing more precious than bringing life into the world,” said Olszewski. “Making sure that expecting mothers throughout Florida have the opportunity to be given the facts about their child and all the resources available to them is a very responsible act by our legislature. I ask for Governor Rick Scott’s support for this bill that enhances the quality of life for all Florida families.”

As reported by the Observer (link:, the legislation drew the ire of the League of Women voters which ridiculed the pregnancy centers as “so called pregnancy centers” and accused them of using intimidation tactics. The bill includes language which prohibits FPCN members from distributing material with religious content. Planned Parenthood also opposed the legislation on the basis that it sought to “appropriate state funding to support and promote childbirth”.

The bill, sponsored by Representative Jackie Toldeo and Senator Aaron Bean, overcame several Democrat attempts to derail, and Governor Scott is expected to sign it into law.


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