Today's date is December 3, 2021

Scott Takes Shot At Biden Ahead of 2024


United States Senator Rick Scott is back in the news for his defense of President Donald Trump. The junior senator dropped a commercial in Iowa ahead of next week’s Democratic primary against former Vice President Joe Biden, calling him “corrupt.”

Scott is running the ad to support President Donald Trump during his impeachment trial. That is the official reason.

But Scott is likely using the commercial to test the waters ahead of 2024. Trump will either be finishing his second term or four years removed from losing to a Democrat. Either way, it’s obvious that Scott has settled on running for President in four years.

The commercial is simple and features just one shot: Rick Scott. Scott trains his eyes at the camera and proceeds to lay into Biden. Besides calling Biden corrupt, he attempts to detail how Biden’s son Hunter benefited from his dad’s corruption.

Yet the lasting image or thought we’ll have about Scott’s ad against Biden isn’t its effectiveness. It will be that Scott decided to launch his bid for President on the back of Trump’s impeachment.

Additionally, will Scott’s financial attractiveness carry him during a national race? He was able to bully his way into the governor’s mansion in 2010 by dumping millions of dollars of his own money into his campaign. He did the same in 2014 when running for reelection and 2018 when he beat Bill Nelson.

Floridians are familiar with Scott but how will the rest of the nation react to a Scott presidential run? I guess we’ll soon find out as Scott isn’t being shy about his ambition. He hasn’t said anything about running for President but the writing is on the wall.

Scott is coming, and so is his in-state political nemesis Ron DeSantis. The 1st term governor of Florida is likely to run, which may leave two statewide seats open in just four years.


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