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Medek Health, City of Apopka Launching Covid SafePass


Apopka, Fla, (May 7, 2020) – The city of Apopka became the first in Florida to provide its residents and businesses with high-tech tools to provide a level of comfort to its residents and businesses not found in any other place.

Mt. Dora-based Medek Health, a leader in telemedicine and software design, has partnered with the city to launch Covid SafePass, a new program allowing people to easily prove they have a low risk of being contagious or have the antibody.

“We want our businesses to have a gold seal, a designation so that consumers know our restaurants, retail and more are safe and COVID free,” says Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson. “As we tried to build this ourselves, we were excited to find Medek up the road providing everything we needed to create our Apopka gold seal.”

When it launches on Monday, the process will be in line with the FDA guidance on Digital Health Policies and Public Health Solutions for COVID-19.

An individual downloads the app and answers a pre-screening questionnaire. If the person is high risk or has questions, they can make a telemedicine appointment with a doctor and can be given a COVID test based on the results.

The results, including if the patient has completed a quarantine, are shown in the app and can be presented to anyone the patient chooses to, in a safe and private way, meeting all HIPAA standards.

“Everyone wants to return to normal, but we can never do this without knowing who is low-risk to spread the disease,” says Stan Van Meter, CEO, Medek Health. “Kudos to the city of Apopka and Mayor Nelson for seeing how technology can improve the safety of his community.”

In 2018, Medek Health was formed through connection of technology and healthcare and was one of the first companies in Florida to offer healthcare exclusively through telemedicine.

Medek Health was not the first successful software solution for Van Meter and his team. Among others, they developed and supported AT&T DriveMode.

In addition to the consumer-driven app, Medek will be releasing an employer-driven app which allows businesses to show cumulative covid information about its workforce to potential customers.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, any Apopka-area resident can download the consumer app and take the screening questionnaire. For Apopka-area businesses, the first month of the employer app is free, and then is discounted to $1 per employee.

In addition, telemedicine options are available. Plus, the platform allows users to search for antibody test sites in their area.

“We truly had all the parts in place to make SafePass happen,” Van Meter says. “The only thing missing was how we store results in a way that is easy to access but incredibly secure”

The company turned to blockchain technology and brought in Washington-based Dragonchain, one of the early leaders in blockchain.

“While blockchain is often just thought of as currency, it is actually more about securing data in a provable way,” says Joe Roets, CEO of Dragonchain. “This type of platform makes perfect sense for this project and we’re looking forward to being part of the solution.”

The Covid SafePass will be available starting Monday for both Apple and Android devices.


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