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Local Organization to Present Political Forum 2020


Local Organization to Present Political Forum 2020

“Women: Facing Elections”

Mujer Emprende Latina Propel the Power and Influence of Women in Politics’

(June 24, 2020 – Orlando, FL.) The non-profit organization Mujer Emprende Latina, will hold the 2nd edition of its signature event –“Raise Your Voice”, an informative panel about the 2020 Election, made up of women leaders and candidates  running for political office.

The event will consist of two main sessions: Women, Facing the 2020 Elections’ and ‘Raise Your Voice 2020’, which will take place on July 2 and 30, 2020 at 2:00 pm through the digital platform of Zoom.

Women, Facing the 2020 Elections’ will feature the participation of Latina candidates for mayor of Kissimmee, aspiring Commissioners of the city, Orange County and Osceola. Among them: Lisandra Román, Jackie Espinoza, Olga Castaño, Kissimmee City Commissioner Olga González, Orange County Commissioner Mayra Uribe, Daisy Morales, and State Representative Amy Mercado.

The panelists will share details of their inspiring life stories, their positions, ideas and solutions to the social problems that affect women, in addition to their agendas and possible contributions to their positions in government. In addition, the event will feature the special participation of Orange County Commissioner Maribel Gómez-Cordero, Johanna López – from the Orange County school board, Yanidsi Vélez- Director of Hispanic Federation, ansJeanette Quiñonez – Office of Senator Marco Rubio.

“We are in an election year and as part of our social responsibility, at Mujer Emprende we want to continue promoting the position of women leaders in high levels of government, from where they can carry out a leading role in decision-making and positively impact life of our nation, ”said Marieangie Rosario, Director of Mujer Emprende Latina in Orlando.

The National Organization ‘Hispanic Federation’, for the second year, joins as an integral part of this effort, which also promotes and educates on the Latino vote. “For our Organization it is very important that Latinos exercise their right to vote in order to make their voices heard by our government. The 2018 electoral process was distinguished by historical female political participation and we hope that in 2020 many more women will come to occupy positions of power, ” said Yanidsi Velez,  Regional Director of the Hispanic Federation.

Both sessions will feature distinguished journalistic figures from our Community and will be broadcast simultaneously from the Facebook page of Mujer Emprende Latina Orlando and Hispanic Federation .

In the coming weeks, the organization, Mujer Emprende Latina, will announce the details of the second event ‘Raise Your Vote 2020‘.


About Mujer Emprende Latina

Mujer Emprende Latina, a non-profit organization (501c3), which is dedicated to the integral empowerment of today’s women, and which promotes their professional and business development through educational workshops and conferences. The Organization impacts nearly 30,000 women on its FB social platforms – Instagram and YouTube, where its weekly Mentors share motivated educational segments and topics on personal, professional and business growth.

About Hispanic Federation

The Hispanic Federation is an organization comprised of 100 Latino nonprofits that provide direct services in a wide range of areas, including after-school programs, youth development, civic engagement, hunger relief, housing, citizenship, and immigration, services for the elderly, enrollment in the health plan, the Census and much more. The Hispanic Federation can provide voter registration assistance to anyone in all 50 states.


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