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Hollywood Candidate Matt Morgan: Political Party Flip-Flopper, RINO or Political Opportunist?


Voters have a tough decision to make when considering the facts about Longwood Mayor Matt Morgan’s bid for the Seminole County Commission District 1 seat. The choices include whether the former WWE personality is a political opportunist or just playing the part of a RINO.

Credible information has surfaced that the self-proclaimed Republican was in bed with a Democratic Party that put Obama in the White House and elevated California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to Speaker of the House. Morgan is currently running against a life-long member of the GOP, Bob Dallari, who has demonstrated committed leadership principles consistent with the U.S. Constitution.

By contrast, Morgan has managed to garner votes from everyday Floridians who are largely unaware of his repeated flip-flopping between parties and essential issues. Last year, Longwood won the Longwood mayoral race. But many of his ballot-box supporters were unaware that he registered as a non-affiliated resident the year before. He also reportedly voted to ban prayer at the Longwood city commission.

In 2017, he also registered as an unaffiliated voter prior to launching a city council campaign. But before cleverly shifting to that status one month before filing for office, Morgan was a card-carrying Democrat from 2008 through 2016. During his overt left-wing activism, he helped fellow Democrats elect Obama and secure a majority in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Those early Obama years sent the country into a tailspin of unchecked recession, failed recovery, exponential national debt, and the rise of ISIS.

It appears Morgan had quietly and conveniently erased his affiliations with the previous administration’s failures. However, his historic alignment with liberals gives conservatives and moderates reasons to doubt his GOP sincerity. According to a report by the Orlando Political Observer, “it would appear as though the former Democrat’s late switch was an attempt to appease Republican voters, who make up the greatest percentage of all registered voters.”

In hindsight, his political repositioning in 2017 was largely driven by the fact that Republicans comprised 38 percent of registered voters, followed by Democrats at 33 percent, and Independents at 29 percent. Claiming a different political affiliation did not stop Morgan from throwing his support to fellow Democrats over Republicans back then, and his election would only bolster the ranks of liberals. In 2018, he glowingly endorsed Democratic Florida House candidate Lee Mangold.

“Lee is exactly what both Central Florida and, more importantly, Tallahassee need at the moment in my opinion, and would be a great representative for both,” Morgan reportedly stated. “He feels that he can do what he has previously done, on a larger scale, and I admire that greatly in a candidate. It’s what makes him more relatable than pretty much anybody else out there, in my opinion.”

In what can only be described as a quid pro quo, Mangold showered Morgan with favoritism in the press.

“I was proud to support him during his campaign, and I’m honored to have received his endorsement during my run for the State House,” Mangold reportedly said.

As Republicans head to the Seminole County Commission District 1 primary, one of the driving issues will be protecting the integrity of the district’s rural boundary. Both Morgan and Incumbent Bob Dallari have gone on the record stating they favor protection.

Unfortunately, Morgan’s campaign reportedly took thousands in contributions from organizations pushing the River Cross development that would substantially harm the landscape. It appears Morgan is both a political opportunist and a RINO, at best. At worst, he’s a Democrat whose decisions would upend a local way of life.


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