Today's date is September 27, 2021

The Popularity of Val Demings


As Val Demings’ name continues to receive mention as a possible VP pick for Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden, some are starting to wonder if she has a real shot at ascending to the 2nd highest office in the nation.

Demings’ profile skyrocketed during the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in the United States House of Representatives. She was named as an impeachment manager by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and her ridged criticisms of Trump on Twitter made her a darling in Democratic circles nationwide.

But having a high profile is one thing, that profile translating to real popularity is another. Demings was first elected to Congress in 2016 and is still considered to be green. She doesn’t have a signature piece of legislation that has been passed and isn’t known well in her home state.

That’s likely not enough to catapult her to the top of Biden’s list, and based off recent polling, Biden is going to need a VP who can help him attain additional votes. Demings doesn’t seem to be that candidate.

But if she isn’t selected for VP, her future is still bright. There is the chance that she is picked for a cabinet position, maybe national security advisor or director of homeland security, and if that doesn’t work out, there is a position in her home state of Florida that may be ripe for the taking in 2022: governor.

Right now, Governor Ron DeSantis’ approval ratings are in the tank and Demings’ name recognition is the highest it has ever been.

Can she beat a Republican governor in a Republican state with a recovering economy in two years? Obviously, only time will tell if she can but Demings may be the best shot that Democrats have in taking back the governor’s mansion in Florida.

If Demings chooses not to run for governor and isn’t picked for VP or a cabinet spot, we may have seen the best days of Val’s political career happening right now.


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