Today's date is December 5, 2022

Florida’s Hispanic Communities Hurt by Lawsuit Epidemic

Dear Editor,
One of the most overlooked problems stemming from Florida’s overabundance of lawsuits is the effect it has on the most vulnerable people in the state. This is especially true for small businesses owned by members of the state’s Hispanic community.
Hispanic small businesses in Florida occupy a unique position in their communities, often offering products, services, and more that are otherwise unavailable to those they serve. When trial lawyers hit them with frivolous claims, however, all of that is threatened. Staring down the face of an expensive court fight, business owners have no choice but to find a still-costly settlement price.
Given that these businesses are key job creators and innovators in their communities, lawsuits against them also threaten their employees and the hardworking people they serve. If this problem continues, trial lawyers will go on profiting off the backs of Floridians.

Julius Melendez

Former Member of the Osceola County School Board


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