Today's date is December 5, 2022

Kristina Renteria For Clerk And Comptroller of Seminole County


I am Kristina Renteria, a 30 year finance professional, 25 year Florida Certified Public Accountant, and I am deeply concerned about public spending in Seminole County. Our current Clerk has FAILED MISERABLY to safeguard public assets and did NOT report the abuse of taxpayers money by former Tax Collector Joel Greenberg, wasting millions in consulting fees for his friends and cronies, hundreds of thousands in unnecessary travel expenses and expenses related to a cryptocurrency company established with taxpayer funds. Cryptocurrencies are considered a national security threat as an alternative to the US dollar. Our current clerk also wasted taxpayers funds suing the County Commissioners.
I am running to build a courthouse for the PEOPLE and make sure taxpayer money is well spent. I am NOT a career politician but I am running to bring back transparency, integrity, accountability and service to the Seminole County community with an expansion of the services provided at the self help legal center including the highly demanded education needed during this pandemic about loan modifications, eviction diversion programs, and bankruptcies.
My opponent is actually proud of a huge error, recording a $9 million balance due from a returning citizen when the actual balance was $19K. Fiscal control is my priority. I need your help to elevate the office of the Comptroller for Seminole County which is not just the Clerk’s office and we need an experienced Florida Certified Public Accountant to hold the highest qualification for this office to ensure Seminole County survives the budget challenges presented by Covid 19.
I can show the Seminole County community what transparency looks like by doing audits, reviewing contracts before adoption, and auditing expenditures before payment. While the Orlando Sentinel reports that the Clerk is struggling financially and thougt it was appropriate to send a letter to the Governor to fund the $1million deficit, Seminole County has $62 million available from the CARES Act to fund any Coronavirus related deficit.
My daughter is part of the Bader family, and we are proud to carry RBG’s legacy right here in Seminole County inspired by her to ensure everyone has equal access to the legal system and I am asking for your vote.
Soy Kristina Renteria, para ser la primera hispana en el gobierno de Seminole, necesito tu voto.


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