Today's date is December 3, 2021

Election Day 2020


Today Americans will vote to either replace President Donald Trump with former Vice President Joe Biden or decide to keep Trump for another 4 years. It’s likely to be the most controversial and tumultuous presidential election in recent memory. 

As some supporters on both sides have noted, whichever candidate wins will have taken this country’s spirit, and that’s either a good or bad thing dependant upon your party affiliation. 

Trump, still going after Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, has said that he’ll keep his strong immigration stance and cut taxes. More of the same for a deeply divisive yet popular amongst his base President. 

Biden, on the other hand, has promised to raise taxes on individuals making $400,000 and above. He wants to reunite families separated at the border and go back to the Obama years. 

This election really is about the type of America voters want to see: one that believes in Trump’s vision or one that sees through Biden’s lense.

There’s also the idea of potential Election Day violence where voters or supporters of both candidates will clash in the streets.

Is that true or a scary view of what America may be on election night? 

While we may have to wait a bit for results, violence seems like a leap. Voters are different and certainly want to see different outcomes for who will lead their country. But whatever the outcome on Tuesday night, it’s important that all Americans come together to move the country forward. That should happen whether Trump or Biden wins as this nation is more important than one candidate. 


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